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About the CompTIA A+ Certification Exams

Two exams are required for candidates attempting to earn the CompTIA A+ certification. Each candidate must pass the CompTIA A+ 220-801 exam and the CompTIA A+ 220-802 exam. The 220-801 exam tests a candidate’s understanding of the fundamentals of computer technology, PC installation and configuration, basic networking, laptops, and other related hardware. The 220-802 exam requires candidates to have the ability to install and configure PC operating systems. Additionally, successful candidates for the 220-802 exam will need to be able to configure common features for mobile operating systems, such as network connectivity and email. The 220-802 exam requires knowledge of both Android and Apple iOS.

Both the CompTIA 220-802 exam and the 220-801 exam are part of CompTIA’s Professional Series of certifications. Each exam has a maximum of 90 questions, which must be completed within 90 minutes. For the 220-801 test, a candidate must earn a minim score of 675 out of a possible score of 900. For the 220-802 test, a candidate must earn a minimum score of at least 700 out of a possible score of 900. The questions on the exam are multiple choice and performance based.

Once a candidate earns their certification, it will remain valid for three years and can be renewed through CompTIA’s Continuing Education Program. Whether candidates are renewing their certifications or earning them for the first time, exam preparation services can help them increase their chances of passing both the 220-801 and the 220-802 exams. Exam preparation is available through both CompTIA and TestsLive.


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