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Adobe Strikes Again…Creative Suite 6 is out

But what is even  more impressive is Adobe’s complete embrace of the cloud with the Creative Cloud!  I immediately downloaded the beast to give it a whirl and much to my dismay, the installer did not leave me with a viable interface to open?  Is this a product of living in a virtual Windows Environment?  Strange?

I was impressed with the pricing model though…for $50 per month on an Annual Contract you can get access to the full suite of Adobe products in a hosted environment…that is a far cry from $2599 that they are asking for the full Master Collection that includes the DVDs.  A new version is sure to come out next year so and to stay ahead of the curve I would much rather pay $600 for all the goodness even if I need to have an Internet Connection to make use of it.


Well rather than give my first impressions of Adobe’s latest foray into the Creative Realm I will have to settle with regurgitating what the Interwebz is saying about the new Suite of Creative Content Creation Tools.

It was quite impressive that the Creative Cloud also connects into Adobe’s other foray into the Cloud with the creation of the Touch Apps for both iOS and Android (an additional $9.99 per device).  Also impressive is the option for Team Licenses to be purchased at around $70.00 per user per month which is still a far cry less than the Group Licensing model for the full Desktop Versions.

Will this fly with mobile content creators?  I am hedging my bets that it absolutely will, I only wish that a native Linux version was created as well so that I would not have to keep using tools like this in a Virtual Instance…the Window in a Window is fine for short term tasks but I get sick of playing this game after a while…HEY ADOBE…WHAT ABOUT US? 



When you look at what is included with the service…Muse is there one of those Apps that I have been eagerly anticipating it release…along with the full suite of Adobe goodness…Hmm…will my credit card handle the extra $50.00 per month?  I am actually really torn and this is a guy who has only purchased iOS software and has used almost exclusively FREE OSS goodies for the past 8 years.

Stay tuned…when I make My Decision…and sign the 1 year commit I will give a full review of the goodness from within.

But that being said, it is time to get ready for another busy week and think about what I will be posting for tomorrow’s 1 Year Anniversary of Krispy’s Rants.  It has been a wild ride over the past 366 days…and I look forward to the next 365!


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