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After much debate – The Decision has been made

As many of you know I have been shopping for a new phone for a while now.  After blowing up one and then another Samsung Galaxy SII phones while trying to do an ICS Upgrade I have been forced to use my now ancient (yes I said it about a 2 year old phone) Motorola Milestone for several months.  I hummed and hawed thinking about waiting for the Samsung Galaxy SIII (released earlier this week in Canada), or upgrading to the Galaxy Note Phablet. I even tossed the idea around about trying out the new LG or HTC phones but I have had less than good luck with LG phones in the past so that was very quickly ended.

And then…a surprising opportunity opened up and a new reality presented itself to me.  A new phone number and a whole new experience is coming my way…and I have decided to return to my long lost love of mobile Technology:

For those who know their smart phones…yes this is the Motorola Droid Razr.  It is not the newest nor is it the absolute fastest but it comes out of the box with all the features that I want and need (except for the option to drop a tablet and say good bye to my iPad).

There were many reasons that had me move away from Samsung and at the same time move away from my long time provider Telus.  The phone was dirt cheap, which is good because when I did a comparison against the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy SIII, well the Droid Razr was not lacking in very many categories:

Motorola Droid RazrSamsung Galaxy SIIIHTC One X
Android OSGinger 2.3.6ICS 4.0.4ICS 4.0
Battery Capacity1780  mAh2100 mAh1800 mAh
Camera8 MP8 MP8 MP
Screen Size4.3 inches4.8  inches4.7  inches
Processor1.5 Ghz Dual Core1.4  Ghz Quad Core1.5 Ghz Quad Core
Internal Memory16 GB16 / 32 GB32 GB
External MemoryUp to 32 GBup to 64 GBNone

There are three glaring differences between the Motorola Droid Razr and the other “Super Phones” and there is a very specific reason why I was able to over look these deficiencies.

  1. No ICS.  Well for Verizon Customers in the states the ICS update was announced this week and it has been rumored that Canadian Customers will be getting the update in the next few weeks so I may be back to Gingerbread but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I won’t need to hack and slash the phone (which will make my lovely wife very happy).
  2. Screen Size. It may be a little smaller than the current line up of Super Phones but the overall dimensions of the phone are almost exactly the same.  Short of making the leap up to a 5 inch Phablet…I just don’t think that a few mm between friends is that big of a deal.
  3. Dual Core vs Quad Core.  More Cores is good…but at the same time…more Cores mean more battery suckage.  I do not like battery Suckage and I don’t really anticipate there being many reasons why I would need to leverage a quad core phone in the near future.

I would say that the inclusion of NFC on the Samsung and HTC phones is interesting…but at this point completely irrelevant.  It will be years before there is critical mass to make NFC either viable or worthy of the increased “pocketbook investment” for me.

So my shiny new Kevlar wrapped piece of Google Goodness should be arriving in the next few days.  I can not wait…and absolutely no hacking of this phone…none…I swear!  Ok maybe a little…Ubuntu for Android is just too good to not put on there…but it is really not a dangerous hack…really…ok…maybe it is time to keep my thoughts in my head for a little while…my wife does read this blog.  There is also a very impressive list of accessories that will help to extend the overall functionality of the device…I can’t wait to get my hands on the HD Docking Station but the Lapdock 500, might just be what I move up to instead of another Tablet!


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