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Alternatives to the Android Market

I use the Android Market as the primary delivery of new Apps to all three of my Android Phones (even if only one is still alive).  But there is a calling for alternatives to the Market, my HP Zeen does not come with access and either did the Christmas gift for my neice (a 7 inch tablet from Augen).  For most instances there is not really a need to use anything other than the Google Goodness but…in a pinch it is important to know the alternatives (and choice is always a good thing).

I stumbled across a listing of 12+ Alternatives to Android Market For Free Apps and APK Download and figured I would share some of my insights as I have used many of them for App Delivery.

1. Android Freeware Lovers

Touting almost 2000 free apps this site lets you download the .APK either to your own directory on your computer or onto the SD Card of your phone.  The App descriptions are a little on the light side and in a quick browse…most of the apps are getting a little long in the tooth.

2. GetJar

My first Smart Phone was none to smart as it was a Chinese Clone of the Palm Pre.  I loved the convenience of the phone but adding apps could only be accomplished through a convoluted experience with the GetJar Site.  What I like about the App Delivery here is that you enter your phone, select the app you want and then it gives you a user code to input onto your phone and it pushes the .APK direct to you.

3. Amazon App Store

Unfortunately not available to me as a Canadian but reports have touted it as a great experience.

4. AppBrain

For my HP Zeen, this was my go to installer.  One of my favorite features at AppBrain is to look to what the most popular App Installs are in different countries.  The variation is actually quite surprising…here in Canada the #1 is SelveServe by BCE (Bell Mobility Celluar Provider) but in the UK it is Nectar by Aimia Loyalty Coalition (it would appear to be a service similar to Air Miles here in North America) but surprisingly the #1 App among Men is Italian Soccer by Alessandro La Rosa.

Others that made the top 12 list that I have no experience with (but will try out very soon) include:

5. OnlyAndroid
6. Aproov
7. SlideMe
8. Mall.Soc.IO
9. FirePlace Market
10. AndAppOnline
11. AndroidZoom
12. Mobilism

With so many choices it is important to note that not all of these sites and services have your best interest or the best interest of the developers at heart so use with caution…there may be bugs and nasty viruses out there.


Chris J Powell

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