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And the Winners Are…Part 1

In the world of FOSS there are winners and there are losers but just as every year there are the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress the world of Free and Open Source Software has its award’s Ceremony too.  The BOSSies (Best of Open Source Software) were recently crowned by  As a Geek, this is bigger than the Emmies, more influential than the Oscars and down right mind chilling that for most people…the BOSSies are an unknown.  Welcome to my review of the Best of Open Source Softare!

The Awards were broken into 4 Broad Categories (Enterprise Applications, Desktop and Mobile Apps, Application Development and Data Center / Cloud Software) and I will look to all four and the individual winners of each:



Apache Lucene and Solr – When you want an open search, the Apache Lucene and its accompanying Server Software focus on providing you with lightening fast connectivity and indexing of all those millions of documents that live inside your system.  While not new, the Apache team has been busy lately cranking out a couple of new versions that focus on usability and feature sets.Bonita Open Solution – Business Process Management is all the rage right now.  The building of documented, repeatable processes is key to success for businesses around the globe.  In an era where knowledge is power…the ability to recall every part and parcle of what is done and bring new team members up to speed gives those companies that adopt BPM a distinct advantage.  Bonitasoft has been focused on making its solution easy to use and a real powerhouse in this category.

Drupal 7 – A long time favorite of mine Drupal is the king of Content Management.  It’s ease of use but at the same time level of customization make it the WCM for Blogs, Corporate Intranets and Websites and Forums of all shapes and sizes

Openbravo – ERP is likely the largest software investment any enterprise will make when it comes to software.  It connects and permiates into every nook and cranny of the business all with the goal of stream lining process, enabling connections and ensuring success.  OpenBravo does this without one thing that the other players like Oracle, Microsoft and Lawson do…it skips the Million Dollar Price Tag….Brilliant!

Pentaho BI 4.0 – Knowing what you need to do to win a bid or produce a “bleeding edge” product that will actually sell can make or break a company.  Anticipating your customer demands before they even know they will have them is what a proper Business Intelligence Suite promises to do.

SugarCRM – In a world truly dominated by, it is good to know that Sugar still Plugs away and maintains its place in the world of Customer Relations Management.  I have been a fan for some time and have always enjoyed the abilty to quickly make improvements and apply plugins to this suite!

WordPress – Drupal may win for the complete WCM package but its win was more focused on its ECM (Enterprise Content Management) capabilities.  WordPress out of the box has now competitors for its ease of use and functionality.

There is nothing about this list that I can not agree with, it is a solid group of programs that across the board have the right mix of openness to keep me happy, frugal price to keep the CFO of 2011 happy and at the same time make a positive impact on any company’s bottom line but also every one of these packages offer Enterprise Support (albeit at different levels of capability).


Tomorrow I will look to the Desktop and Mobile Apps and if time permitting will also add the Application Development into the mix as well.




Chris J Powell

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