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And the Winners are…Part 3

When technology confounds you it can sometimes be a challenge to find the will to continue to muscle through and complete a task. My apologies for the delay on completing Part 2 of this series but it is done! Today from the depths of I take a look at the final grouping from the BOSSies Awards that look to the Best of Open Source Software.


Data Center and Cloud Software
Eucalyptus and OpenStack – Some may say that these two revolutionary in that they bring the Cloud to the Enterprise and open the world of possibilities of the Internal Cloud directly to even the smallest of IT Shops.  Eucalyptus is at its base nature an open version of the Amazon EC2 Cloud Infrastructure while OpenStack focuses on the RackSpace model!


Gluster  – NoSQL for the cloud is here.  Gone are the days of souring to the big 4 DB vendors and throwing money at the solution.  Gluster features global syncronization and a feature set that will make the most synical of DB Admins drool!


Talend Open Studio – The undisputed champion of Open Source Data Integration there is even a plugin to map with Bonitasofts BPM solution…now that is pretty cool!


Vyatta – When it comes to the cloud there one giant QUESTION MARK that stands out time after time…security.  Vyatta provides all of the network services layered on top of TCP/IP so that you can knit together your machines into one simple network and then protect them with integrated routing, firewall, VPN, IPS, URL filtering, and so on.


Xen – At its base level, the Cloud is really about Virtualization and in the world of Open Source Virtualization there are two players who stand out KVM and Xen.  Supported by the commercial offering from Citrix, the Open version of either desktop or server virtualization is a great alternative to VMware, Microsoft or Oracle offerings in the space.


WSO2 – The more we move our data out to the cloud there will be more of a need to integrate and connect that data with the applications users need every day.  Middleware will be king and WSO2 is a great way to manage the transactions and govern the applications connecting to that data.


Well, I can say that this little experiment in looking to multiple reviews and condensing them down with my little nuggets of insight has been fun but I am not sure if I will do it again.  It is really draining to rebuild someone elses thoughts!  Check out the complete list of the BOSSies Awards Winners @ 2011 BOSSies


Well, it is Friday and that can only mean one thing…just a few more hours until the weekend.


Cheers and TTYL!


Chris J Powell

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