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Android may just become Enterprise Ready…FAST!

I have been using Desktop Connectors on my Android Phones and my Tablet as well as my iPad for some time but VMware recently announced that it was taking that concept to a whole new level.

The Announcement came out of the recent VMWorld 2011 Summit and is all about the new VMWare Horizon Mobile.  Starting off with Android the new software actually comes in two parts…one is a connector to ensure better IT Management of consumer grade mobile phones in the enterprise.  The second part comes from running a second instance of Android on the device that is monitored and approved by the IT Department.  Now this makes Android a very attractive entry into the mobile work space as it ensures that both security can be monitored but only authorized Apps are playing in the Corporate Network.


As the Video above shows the concept is quite impressive but even more impressive is the Apps Manager Console and the fact that there is now a real option for organizations looking to free up their “handset lockdown” and let employees have their own device.


In a Press Release from VMware:

Give Freedom of Choice to Employees

Allow users to carry a single device for both personal and corporate usage. Employees want to use their personal smartphone for work and are pushing IT to support those devices. This trend—sometimes called “Consumerization of IT”—challenges IT requirements for security, compliance and ease of management. VMware MVP enables enterprises to embrace this trend, by allowing IT to safely support employee owned devices. With VMware MVP, enterprises can get the security and ease of management they require, while reducing CAPEX.


The folks a VMware were kind enough to build a series of Screenshots to help understand the Horizon Mobile Management Suite and what impressed me is that this is exactly what many of my clients are asking for as they make the dive into Mobile Device Management and wrestle with the option between Corporate Liability and Personali Liability options when it comes to the hardware that is supported.


Key capabilities of VMware Horizon Mobile Manager
Horizon Mobile Manager is a web-based product that allows IT administrators to comprehensively manage the lifecycle of the work phone from creating it to wiping it.  The key capabilities of Horizon Mobile Manager are:

  • Use templates to create a work phone

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 11.05.51 AM

  • Leverage policy management engine to define what the user can and cannot do in the work phone

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 11.07.19 AM

  • Provision the work phone over-the-air
  • Review health of the deployment and vital stats from a dashboard

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 11.08.33 AM

  • Push applications over-the-air to the work phone from the app catalog

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 11.09.35 AM

  • Lock or wipe to de-provision the work phone
The future is soon (as the software was only announced in Las Vegas on August 30) but here is one more quick snippet from the press release:
  • VMware Horizon: Building the Platform for the Post-PC Era – New updates to VMware Horizonextend the benefits of its identity, policy and entitlement engine to virtualized Windows applications and connected mobile workspaces – providing an open, user-centric platform for delivery of different application types within a unified application catalog from a wide range of devices.
    • VMware Horizon Application Manager™ – Leveraging the application virtualization capabilities of VMware ThinApp®, VMware Horizon Application Manager will now offer a centralized console to manage access, deployment and updates to virtual Windows applications independent from device type and the underlying operating system. These new capabilities will be available in beta by the end of the year. Horizon’s unified application catalog service promises to benefit both IT and end-users by collapsing separate identity silos into a single enterprise identity for secure employee access across private and public clouds.
    • VMware Horizon Mobile™ –Based on the VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) technology previewed earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, VMware Horizon Mobile will offer new features that enable an enterprise to establish and securely manage an employee’s connected mobile workspace in isolation from their personal mobile environment. As a result, employees will gain the freedom to choose a single Android device for both personal and work use.

Available from LG, Samsung and other smartphone/tablet manufacturers in the coming months, VMware Horizon™ Mobile will provide a simple way for IT departments to securely provision, manage and de-provision a corporate mobile workspace to an employee’s Android device over-the-air.  Horizon Mobile will also include access to a catalog of corporate approved mobile applications and corporate data resources.


That is all for me…but I will be watching for this and testing things out on both my Android Tablet and Smart Phone to see just how solid this newest edition to the VMware landscape stands up to “users” like me.


Cheers and have a great day!


Chris J Powell

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