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Android…my beloved little robot

In the space of personal mobility never before has there been the level of quality in a consumers choice of platforms.  Where the issue comes is from the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) that is put out by the corporate giants that manage the mobile OS space.

As a percentage of market share according to Gartner Research (a major competitor to where I work):
Symbian 37.6%
Android 22.7%
RIM 16.0%
iOS 15.7%
Windows Mobile 4.2%
All Other OS 3.8%

The impressive thing about my beloved Android is that just 2 years ago, it did not even exist as anything other than a Google inspired pipe dream and now reports are anticipating it replacing Symbian as the top OS on phones by 2014.

A a proponent of all things Open Source I truly feel that Android has a huge advantage over all other competitors and even the deal struck between Microsoft and Nokia earlier this year will not change the fact that development and connectedness that Android has with its user base will not go away.  I own an Android Phone (the Motorola Milestone) and a Tablet PC (the HP Zeen) and love the fact that I do not have to install iTunes to be able to install what I want on my devices.

I must also point out that both on my phone and my tablet I am able to install and run Adobe Flash and Adobe Air Applications…something that Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone users still can’t do.

Well I will get more into this in future posts and will dive deeper under the hood of Android and compare the Google Market Place, iTunes, Blackberry Apps Store and the newer 3rd party Johnny Come Lately followers like Amazon.

Cheers and have a great day.

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