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App Friday – A New Social Network built for Mobile Users

Blackberry Users have for a long time had their own little Social Network exclusive to them with the use of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) but Android and iOS users were left out in the dark in being able to connect with them and share their thoughts and feelings and updates in a Private Social Network.  That has all changed!

Available for my mobile phone in the Android Play Store and for the iPad as an iPhone App this interesting little App lets you create a private network to share content with close friends, family and any other category you can think of by simply creating a “Circle” that allow you to share the content.  While it is primarily for mobile devices it is also available on the Desktop through a browser which is a nice feature.

While I get the purpose and the need for Private Networks, I am not really sure if I can handle YASN (Yet Another Social Network).  It does not connect with your Facebook or LinkedIn but it does dive into your contact list to pull people that you would want to share with…this makes it fairly easy to build a Circle but will anyone be listening when you add them all to YASN?

On the Android the Everyme App works smoothly with no issues beyond the inevitable question of Why?  But it is Free, it lets us connect privately and well it works so even if it is nothing more than an upgraded Persistent Chat feature that you can add to your phone and communicate with your “Circles” then it will fit the bill quite well.

On the iPad however…the iPhone only app makes me realize that the need for two types of Apps for every developer is really just silly!  I hate having to use any App that requires me to hit that x2 button to actually make it functional (especially for typing in Username and Password).  There is no difference between the functionality between the Android and iPhone versions so that is good.

The real win for this type of application would be for Corporate Collaboration though.  Beyond all the hype of a Social Business…there has not been a solid uptake of the sharing and collaboration of teams on a consistent basis.  This hits several solid reasons for connecting informally and allowing the mobile workforce to really communicate.  The challenge is with the Terms of Service especially under section 4:

While you may own the content you post…Everyme has the right to distribute it…not so good for an Enterprise.

Well not sure this App will go beyond having just my Wife as a contact but the TGIF and have a great day.  For all my Canadian Friends…it is Thanksgiving here…Turkey and Stuffing…mmm.



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