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App Friday – Good Eats, and How to Make Them

I don’t have what anyone could call the best eating habits and rarely do I eat 3 meals per day but I absolutely love dinner time.  When 5PM rolls around and I head home, I can’t wait to dig in to a good and solid meal with my family!  I am lucky to have married someone who knows her way around the kitchen so I am rewarded with great meals and special treats on a regular basis (my midsection can attest to the quality and quantity of food) but we also like to experiment with new foods.

The website has been around for a while and they took to the mobile craze very early on developing a great way to locate, source and try out new recipes from around the world on any device you may have that connects to the internet.  Gone are the days of needing to have “recipe cards” and the need to organize them by meal type, ingredients etc.  The need for a shelf of recipe books is all but gone because you can quite simply type in what you want and out spits a new meal to try.


Because of the increased screen size of the iPad, the Epicurious App definitely shines when it comes to the iPad.  Everything is there on the screen for you…and the Coffee Rubbed Cheesburgers…have me salivating and looking forward to 5PM!


While the process for finding a recipe is exactly the same on my phone as it is on the iPad, the smaller screen means that you have to jump through tabs to find what you are looking for…in some ways this is good (like your shopping list) but I am a complete picture kind of guy so this would not be my primary choice for cooking a meal!

Well, download the App from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store, it is free and has bailed us out of a “what do you want for dinner tonight” conversation more than once.



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