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App Friday – Time Management Part 2

Last week I looked at the iOS App 30/30 and beyond the complete and total drain on my iPad battery it was a real challenge for me to dive right in and start assigning times to every part of my day.  By the time yesterday rolled around I found myself scratching my head wondering if this was really the only way to manage my time?  So this week I thought I would test another approach to Time Management, and this time on my Android Phone!

Switching from Time monitoring to actual Task Management is more in line with what I already do and I can assign Tasks that are either broad or very narrow.  It is available for iOS and Android but even more impressively, it also has a Web Interface so that I can create my tasks for the day, week or month from the comfort of my desk and it instantly updates to my phone.  It lets you connect with your Google Mail Account which unfortunately is not my primary work or Blogging “handle” but I will work through the process and get more comfortable with the interface.

Speaking of the interface:

It is nice and clean, with a ton of options to both build and monitor tasks but also change colors and track success.

So far I am impressed with the App, and it will be installed on the iPad as well but for this week…I am going to focus on connecting my Outlook Calendar at work through the Web Interface and really drill down into planning my week and sticking to it.  My day from the moment I crawl out of my nice warm bed to the time that I get home from work will be assigned and tracked and focused upon.  There is a method to my madness, but I have far too many distractions that cost me productivity and if I actually allow myself to both assign the tasks I need to accomplish but also take the time to stand back and see the big picture…I will be far more productive and the hope is happy too.

Well that is it for me…a big day today, I took the day off to burn through some vacation days, but we are heading North to pick up our new puppy a Boxer that we named Baylin and to visit one of my clients that is just a few Kilometers away from the breeder.


Chris J Powell


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