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App Friday – What is Next in the Great Big Mobile World

We have become Slaves to our Mobile Devices.  There are many times that the only way to reach my now Teenage daughter is to text her, my wife sits 3 feet away from me on the sofa and she is multi tasking between her iPhone and her Laptop (Facebook Games) and the reality is I rarely put down my phone or iPad from the minute that I come home from work.  So what is so enthralling about all this technical gear that keeps us hooked up, over connected and continuously plugged in?

I really don’t think that this technology addiction has much to do with the technology itself.  It is a fear that we as humanity will miss out on something if we are not connected, plugged in and constantly vigilant.  But what hooks us in?  I would have to say it is the Apps…it is not that they are overly impressive or well built…they are more than a little plentiful and sooooo many are FREE!

There are Apps that can do just about anything…we have all heard the statement “There is an App for that” come out of some Techno Expert but the reality is…there is an App that in theory is designed to assist with just about any task you have to do.

So if we are so incredibly connected now, with wireless speeds increasing, smartphones getting smarter and our free time wasting away to a digital fantasy…what will be next to keep our attention (that by the way is shrinking at an alarming rate)?

Making a prediction about a chapter in our history is a bit of a challenge.  This is usually a point that I review an App itself but I have been struggling with what the Next big thing is (the iPad is well…getting boring).  I think that wearable computers like the Google Project Glass will be the next big thing as far as the hardware…and this will dramatically change the type of Apps that we are using because they will no longer be confined to a 3.5, 4.2, 5, 7 or 10 inch screen…they will be untethered and the world of Virtual Reality will move from hypothesis and lab experiment to real world use.

Sorry that there was no reviews but it is time to start thinking about the next big thing.


Chris J Powell

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