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App Friday – Wiki goes Mobile!

Lately I have been finding myself referencing Wikipedia more and more and while some may say that the crowd sourced information collection is a poor replacement for solid 3rd party fact checking…when you are looking for a quick reference point…there is really nothing better on the web!  Well that great experience on the Desktop is also mobilized and ready to go on the road with you EVERYWHERE!!!


There is not much to say about an App that basically puts all the information in the  world at your finger tips and some might say…why not just open the browser…well to that I say…I love the persistent search that is featured on the app so that I can move on to my short attention span searches quickly and efficiently.

There are some interesting features that open up once I hit the Settings Button on my phone…one that I really like is the opportunity to check out Wiki Pages that are close to me.  Within a 10 minute walk there are 5 Wiki Pages that I can try to confirm the information presented at…that is interesting…one that popped up was for a Museum that I did not even know existed…I might just have to check that out…and soon!

iPad Wiki

On the iPad there is no surprise that the extra real estate makes it a little better to read…but the long Fact Sheet seemed out of place on my search.

The iPad version does not have the Pages Near me feature but does share the instant Translation, Saved Searches and an option to open the page in Safari (mainly so that I can save images and things like that).

All and all, I think that I will get some decent mileage out of this App and it is worth the download.



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