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Apple Hater…Maybe!

As many of you know I have an iPad but in my quest for a new Smart Phone recently it has been called to question why I did not consider the iPhone 4S and I really just shake my head.  There is no debate that there are many great advantages to having/using/loving the iPhone/iPod/iPad Ecosystem, it is by far the most successful product line out there…an who doesn’t want to use what everyone else is using…ME!

There are many reasons why the iPhone was not, nor would it EVER be on my short list of mobile devices and if I personally would not have purchased an iPad either!  I figured I would use today to expose the real and true reasons why I will NEVER be an Apple Fan Boy (regardless to what @djuusola may say).

I want to preface this Rant with a bit of a disclaimer.  My reasons for disliking Apple are entirely personal, I think that the company did a fantastic job winning the hearts and minds of MILLIONS and changing the way we will compute for ever…but I just refuse to drink the Kool Aid!  I will also add that I have purchased Apple Products in the past (an iPod Nano and an iPod Touch for my daughter) but bother were purchased used and at a very deep discount.

So onto the reasons why I am you might be an Apple Hater:

  1. Closed Source – To be able to make an iOS function in any way shape or form the way that I want I have my device work the way that I want it to is to jailbreak it.  I love to hack my devices and did so with everyone of my Android Phones without question, but that is because the very nature of Linux is to make it your own.  iOS though is not Open Source and I try to respect the ToS and play by the rules but this makes my device (the iPad) a GIANT PAIN IN THE BUTT.
  2. iTunes – OH MY GOD.  iTunes is the most annoying software  I have ever been forced to deal with (well next to Windows at work). Issue #1, no Linux Client so to be able to add files I either have to use another computer or run a Windows Virtual Machine (chills) and I will never forget when I accepted the iPad as an award last year, coming home to test out this new “goodness” only to find out that I would not even be able to activate it until I had gone through the painful process of installing both Windows and iTunes.
  3. Price – Really…I like the look and feel of Apple Products…they are intuitive but I would never pay x2 the market value of the hardware that you are putting into a PC or Laptop just because it looks good.  I built myself a kick ass rig that would make the Mac Pro more than just a little envious and I did it for under $1500 and the Quad Core version starts at$2459 but by the time I configured it to similar specs….I was up to $4700+, just so I can say I use Apple…Nope…not gonna happen!
  4. iOS and Flash – the debate still reigns about why Apple chose not to incorporate Flash onto their devices but I am still almost daily frustrated by not being able to enjoy the internet the same way as I can from my Desktop.  If the Tablet is truly going to remove the Desktop from any relevance then the experience should not only be more convenient…it should be superior in every way to that of my Desktop.
  5. The Apple Cult – I can’t help but feel that there is a Cult like status for those who use Apple Products.  It is an exclusive club that only the very special get to join…I guess that further proves that a Fool and his Money are Easily Parted still applies.
  6. App Selection – Sure the iTunes App Store has tones of Apps…many are FREE but I like OPEN and if I get a FREE App, I like to tweak it (much like I do with Linux Apps) but on the iPad Free usually means Ad Supported, Crap or generally poor quality. For me it is about CHOICE and I will use the Amazon Mac Store as an example…250 Apps available for download on a Mac and for Windows…well lets just say there is a few more Apps than 250.

So that are 6 of my reasons for not being an Apple Fan Boy (there is several more but I digress).  Do I use Apple Products, sure but I also use Microsoft Products and I am equally not a Microsoft Fan Boy either.  On this last day of June, I wish everyone a wonderful Saturday.


Chris J Powell

3 thoughts on “Apple Hater…Maybe!

  1. I’m on this page with you Chris, I don’t like the closed ecosystem. The only Apple product I’ve owned is an old iPod and I like the hardware but dislike iTunes (esp. on Windows). My phone is Android and I’m glad I didn’t invest in an iPad yet as it looks like some great droid tablets are on the way that can compete with it.

  2. This is a great article because you’ve stayed relatively non-emotive, and set out some good arguments with valid points.

    You are not an Apple user, nor will you ever likely be for all the reasons you’ve set out. I would venture Linux is a very nice fit for you; so why feel so sour about Apple products?

    1) The downside of closed source is people can’t mess with it. The upside of closed source is people can’t mess with it! The Apple guidelines are anally tight. I would cite Windows a really good example of what happens when there are loose guidelines that aren’t adhered to very tightly. In short a 3 ring circus. Linux is a good example of few or no guidelines, but a highly technical user base. Very diverse, but in some instances a little unfinished/unpolished. It’s also the Ikea of platforms. Great product. User assembly required 🙂

    2) iTunes isn’t that great on the Mac either. It’s one of those products that started life as one thing, and ended up being a hundred others. I don’t think you’d find many Mac users trying to defend iTunes. Apple are good, but not perfect nor infallible. iTunes and Finder are two great examples of that 🙂

    3) I’ve been an OEM. I admire Apple for making money from hardware in a market that loses more money than it makes. PC manufacturers destroyed themselves and consumers are the ultimate losers. Apple products are expensive; and there is nothing magical about some of the components they use. That said, a profitable hardware business means the ability to innovate. Although many would strongly disagree, I would point to the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac as examples of what you can do when you have a profitable hardware business. Again, controversially, I have yet to see a display that can match an Apple product.

    4) The fact Adobe have abandoned Flash on Android might well address this point. HTML5 & SVG IMHO are far superior solutions to Flash. As a web developer I shuddered at the poor utilisation of Flash in websites.

    5) People are passionate about the products they love. I don’t think Apple users are any more or less passionate than Windows or Linux users. I’ve been a PC fan, Linux fan and Apple fan. I’ve never been a Windows or Microsoft fan. God knows I’ve tried to like their products but just end up frustrated.

    6) Realistically how many apps do you actually modify? If you do I genuinely applaud you. I’ve been a developer for over 25 years and never have I felt compelled to download source and modify it. If something hasn’t done what I wanted, I’ve looked around for something else that does. Now more than ever, there is a glut of choice.
    I get very frustrated by apps that bombard you with advertising. I think it’s reasonable to offer users a paid app or ad supported alternative. I know from various projects I’ve been involved in that I’m quite a small minority that pays or donates to free apps I find useful. I don’t think people appreciate how much time, effort and energy goes into a quality software product. As such it’s extremely difficult to make a living as an independent developer. That said, I think the AppStore has been one of the greatest boons for independent developers since the advent of the PC.

    I hope you don’t mind such a detailed and wordy response. I enjoyed your article.

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