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Apple Loses another iPhone Prototype, Why won't the TouchPad just Die and Are You Ready for the Amazon Tablet?

I wanted to start off by apologizing for a missed post yesterday.  There was a slight gaff with our Internet Service Provider but all is good…actually better than good.  So far I have nothing to say but good things about our local Cable ISP…and wicked fast too!


Now on to the Rant!  Last year it was reported that an Apple employee “lost” an iPhone 4 in a bar and guess what…it happened again.  Let the Geek Drinking Jokes abound. I am starting to think that the Prototype Testers need to be better screened or maybe this is all a ploy by Apple to drum up extra press before the release of their latest mobile toy?

Rather than doing a Remote Wipe like they did last year, Apple used the big brothery “Find my iPhone” feature and had San Francisco Police trace the phone to a location in San Fran’s Bernal Heights but…after a search of the home the shiny new bundle of Apple Goodness was not to be found.


On the 61st day…the TouchPad rose again and quickly added more question marks to the future of the webOS and HP bi-polar business practices.  In a quote from HP’s Mark Budgell:

Despite announcing an end to manufacturing webOS hardware, we have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand.  We don’t know exactly when these units will be available or how many we’ll get, we can’t promise we’ll have enough for everyone.”


Now I was never the greatest at math but if you are selling something for $200 less than it cost to manufacture just to clear the inventory…WHY WOULD YOU EVER PRODUCE MORE OF THE SAME ITEM???

Now HP is not alone in losing money on its hardware…the Xbox product line from Microsoft has been undercutting its competitors for years to attain top spot in the console marketplace against its bitter rivals Sony and Nintendo but this is more than just a bit extreme.


On another note though…there is much talk about the upcoming release of the Amazon Tablet.  This one actually does excite me as from all estimations and the strength of Amazon’s pre-positioning all the right back end tools (experience with tablets – ok ebooks but the Kindle is pretty awesome, there is the Amazon App Store, the existing book, music and video library and of course the CLOUD).

Amazon has set itself up very nicely and if the estimations of a Fall launch go according to plan, the 7″ and 10″ tablets might just take the chip off the iPad shoulder and give Apple a run for its money.


Unlike all other manufacturers, it sounds like Amazon actually listened to the consumers out there when the said in large numbers…I will buy a tablet but the biggest feature that is needed is LOW PRICE!  This holiday season should be an interesting time and I will be far away from the electronics stores south of the border on Black Friday!


Well it is almost the weekend…a NEW MONTH BEGINS…have a great day.


Chris J Powell

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