Chris J Powell

Applying Game Theory to Life

The concept of looking at Game Theory and applying it to my life has been an ongoing concept that has been driving me towards success.  As I look deeper into the concept and focus on the applicability of the structure and concepts that power the Game Layer of our lives I wonder if it is really possible to turn my life into a Multiplayer Game that every move is planned for and in -some way choreographed?

I have been accused of being far too analytic about everything that I do and this concept does not change that accusation but the reality is…Life is a Game…why not play it!

There are lots of great resources out there on the Interwebz to point you in the direction of the application of Game Theory to your life.  I like the idea that there is process for building a better tomorrow and that every action that we take today has a butterfly effect that expands out like ripples in a pond.

The 7 week course that I am taking on this concept is really starting to draw attention to some of the mistakes that I have made in the past.  While I used to focus on only what could go wrong with a choice or decision…I realize now that I have to also look to all eventualities…and plan for as many as possible.  As I develop this Theory into a stronger plan and strategy for my current role as a Technical Sales Guy…I can see huge advantages for me.  The great thing is, this is not about manipulation but about persuasion.  The presentation of options that focus on the helping of others (my customers) and not about getting them to just believe in the warm and fuzzy feeling that working with me has (just ask my customers…I really am all warm and fuzzy).

Stay tuned…the next 6 months should be very interesting as I build a “choose your own adventure” that is my own life!


Chris J Powell

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