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Apps, Apps Everywhere – LinkedIn gets a Facelift

One of the many updates to both my devices this week came to one of my most often used apps on both my iPad and Droid Razr.  LinkedIn is the “Professional Social Network” that has had great success in connecting Professionals together and now boasts more than 175 million members.  I have been very impressed with the recent changes to both the desktop interface and now to the new updates for my mobile connections.

As I mentioned, both the iPad and the Android versions of the LinkedIn App got updates which for the most part is not an earth shattering event…there were some very interesting features that were added to the App.  Looking to this App it will not be just about the new features but the different experience you can  have on a mobile device in comparison to what you get from the desktop.

iPad Version:

My favorite feature of the mobile versions of the LinkedIn App is the inclusion of your daily calendar that shows your connections and provides insights directly into who it is you will be talking to that day.  For the most part…I know all to well who I will be talking to but when dealing with a prospect, the fact that LinkedIn and its network of 175 million professionals…there is not very often that I am not able to find out something about who I will be talking to that day.

The new real time notifications pop up from the bottom of the screen and nicely disappear after a few seconds.  Both at work and at home, LinkedIn has become probably my 2nd most valuable e-tool (1st is still email) to connect and communicate with my clients and prospective clients.  I am open to any and all connections so feel free to visit my profile at

Android Version: 

Despite being a wonderful 4.3 inches of Android Glory…I do find that information from LinkedIn is not as readable on a SmartPhone as it is on the tablet.  The layout is very effective and just like on the iPad App, I can access my calendar and know who I am talking to today but instead of being able to see all of my activity in one spot, I am forced to switch screens.

I do like how the layout does actually fit very nicely with my workflow though and puts all of the information I do want right at my fingertip…which is always good on a touch screen device!

Both Apps allow the user to look through their Inbox, Groups, edit their Profile and scroll through recent updates but there is not as many features as there is on the Desktop Version and I did have some problems adding connections on the iPad and Android versions as it does not prompt me for the email address…it just gives an error with no option to find out more…not good!

Overall, I do find that while the Android and iPad versions are different enough, they share the same underpinnings of a social tool that allows you to connect with and remain connected to your network while on the go!


Chris J Powell

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