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Are you a Leader or just going through the motions

True Leaders in 2011 have a lot on their plate.  They must meet the business expectations, strive for operational efficiencies, support and develop those who report to them and focus on all the moving parts of their individual jobs.  There are no more hours in the day, squeezing a few minutes here and there can be a huge benefit but as I have said many times…time is not a commodity, it is a constant.


With my own new found role within my company, the concept of Resource Management still baffles me at every level.  The more that I learn about the content and support the we publish to help Human Resources Leaders and Business Leaders alike focus in on the Key Success Indicators and achieve a better ebb and flow to their work day is actually quite surprising.  For me the world of Human Resources has always been at arms length.  The Keepers of Policies and Administrators of Benefits not a group that could ever really impact my day.


Leaders and Managers within an organization rely heavily on the support of HR to replenish the herd (new employees), build and focus on continuous improvement programs, provide support for their ever changing day and most importantly keep them on the straight and narrow when it comes to the Policies and Procedures and general Legal Repercussions of People Management.  Leaders that don’t embrace the support of this key part of the Organization will likely struggle with keeping a “happy workforce” reporting to them.


In a recently released research tool set it was found that the days of a manager are split into Seven Key areas:

  1. research
  2. innovation
  3. communication
  4. daily operations
  5. personal development
  6. culture building
  7. staff development


Juggling this many balls at once is a challenge to say the least but what if you become so intently focused on one or two and the rest are left by the way side…you may have a team that absolutely adores you but performs so purely that your abilities are called into question.  Multi-tasking is a fallacy and has been proven not to be an effective way of accomplishing long term goals…so what is a Manager to do?

The Seven Responsibilities do not necessarily need to be divided equally but with 83% of all managers out there reporting that they work more than 44 hours in a week…it is important to both prioritize and focus on what is most important to ensure success.


The research also identified some “Personality Types” when it comes to Managers.  Now if you want to avoid your staff breaking out the Voodoo dolls and considering you a Tyrant and scurrying away when you approach…a little self reflection can not hurt.  Generally I am not one who adheres to the concept of putting labels onto anyone but if you could imagine a kitchen cupboard filled with cans without labels…mystery stew could get very, very expensive if you have to open all the cans just to find the right ingredients.

Take a look at these Types of Managers…who are you?

  • The Creative: Manager who thinks (and stays) outside the box
  • The Bookwork: Manager who lives in the library
  • The Invisible: Manager who just punches the clock
  • The Worker: Manager who lives to work
  • The Micromanager: Manager who is always watching
  • The Hero: Reactive manager who is always putting out fires and throwing life preservers
  • The Friend: Manager who puts being liked above being respected
  • The Climber: Manager who puts their career first


Regardless of who you are in the mix and what you are doing today to find a balance within your work life and when you are looking to build your Manager Portfolio and focus on the moving parts within your team…turn to your HR Team for assistance.  Who knows they may already have access to this material and can help you develop into a REAL Leader…instead of just going through the motions.  And if they don`t have access…well by now you should know the drill.  Give me a call directly or send your HR Specialist my way.  I would be more than happy to dive into the nooks and crannies and find those hidden areas of success that we can really assist you with.


So begins another day…what will it bring…hopefully no more rain…I am starting to think that the Ark will need to be built again..maybe Camping was right and his calculation was just the start to the End of Days.




Chris J Powell

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