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Be Thankful you Have a Job

It really is no secret.  The economy is not the greatest and for many it is not looking any better today than it did yesterday.  There are many realities that each of us must face and employment is one of them.  You may feel overworked, under appreciated, stressed or just fed up.  Take a step back and remember that it could be worse…this could be your job:

worst job

I was thinking that today’s post would be nice and simple and just about perspective but when I was about to sign off and say cheers I had an epiphany.  Even though I am back to work, and everything seems ok…I still have a nagging feeling that it will not be the place for me long term and that I want more from life than working in a Call Center but I also realize that I said that about nearly every job that I have ever had.  I truly do look at the work that I do each day is about gaining “life lessons”.

If you are a teenager or recent college grad…take some time and work at the worst possible job that you can.  Give yourself that perspective so that as you truly start to venture forth into the world of employment…you are doing something that you want to do.  I am over 40 and really should not be still looking for life lessons but the reality is…turning a negative into a positive does not just defy mathematical law…it is really draining.

I say accept life for what it is but NEVER stop growing.  What sucks today may not be so bad tomorrow.



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