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Big Data and My Future

As many of my regular visitors know I have jumped into the learning of Data Science in a big way when I registered and started working on my first University Course from and so far I am absolutely loving it.  The initial challenge for me is wrapping my head around Python to complete the first assignment but that is another story all together.

On Friday, I spent 10 hours pouring through several online tutorials on programming in general and Python specifically and I think that I have a very basic overview of how I will accomplish the first assignment and when I get home from work I will put my new found skills to the test but in the broader sense, what I am finding is that my future may just be in the world of Data Analytics.  The applications of being able to see Data for what it is and build visualizations of that Data is something that has always intrigued me.

I have built simple tools to help me with researching this blog but I am finding that my future will be far more than building a search engine that will be able to pour through a TB of PDFs to find relevant information for me to connect certain dots.

The first assignment in the course is about accessing the Twitter API and being able to focus on sentiment and geography…simple enough right…well yes and know…finding the data is the easy part (especially now that I have Google back on my side)…no the real challenge and the challenge that I suspect most individuals and companies find is in taking the bits and bytes and turning them into tools and information and not just Data.

Taking the data that is being collected and making useful decisions about the future…that is powerful stuff.

I can see myself acting in several ways…in my previous life as a Sales Guy it is obvious how I would have been able to leverage real data to help me make the next sale…but going beyond being a Sales Guy…what about companies looking to launch a new product or expand into new territories?  How could I help my local government(s) be more in tune with the needs of their constituents?  In Healthcare, how can the use of timely data help predict disease outbreaks or help alleviate over crowding in emergency rooms?

The thoughts of being able to truly make a difference for someone else through the use of data is incredible.

Big Data or Small Data…it doesn’t matter how you classify it…the need to run analysis on the data, build information and translate it into knowledge…that will be the key to the future.  Data is the easy part…translating and sharing knowledge…well that will be the key to this guy’s future.

I am Krispy…and I am a Data Geek!



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