Chris J Powell

Big Data – Is it the Real Deal?

For the common user, Big Data is just another set of catch phrases and less than usable content that will be used by people with the bigger paychecks and more decision making power but the reality is…that is not the case!  Big Data and the Analytics associated with the information that is freely available on the web is making things a whole lot different for all of us!

I stumbled across an interesting Analytics Set from that has several prebuilt gallery items like the ability to focus in on the 2010 US Census Data, Sales Reports, Customer Attrition Data and much more.  The Gallery is free to try out and tryout the options I did.  In about 5 minutes I was zipping into the sets after the free registration and checking out some data sets (I built a Geographic Sales Territory with a specific industry focus in less than 2 minutes!) and that was just the beginning.

The Alteryx company itself is one of those Business Intelligence software companies that has embraced the Big Data flood in a big way.  They have made accessing their trial software easy and have given useful real world examples of what the right Strategic Analytics can potentially do for a company…and the individuals that make up the organization.

There are those who will always be content with just doing the mindless drone work that their job entails…and in some industries you need that…but I am just not like that.  I love to peel back the curtain and not only make sure that the “Wizard” is doing his job…I like to find the ways to improve things for everyone around me.  Alteryx at the outset may enable that.

The services that they provide focus on actionable insights…like I mentioned within 2 minutes of accessing their Gallery, I had a full Geographic Sales Territory built and was ready to start investigating the companies it found further!

Looking at their recent coverage by media outlets…they are in a position to really start to take advantage of the fact that Big Data today is not just about the size of the data that makes it Big…it is the other factors like Access, Complexity and Value.

The key thing to remember is…Big Data is here, it is all around us and is growing everyday so it is time to take a step back and figure out…can you empower and enable…or will you let your competitor do that and make you irrelevant!



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