Chris J Powell

Big Day, Big Weekend, Big Week Ahead

For a Geek like me, much of my time is spent focusing on the core of all things digital.  That my be the media that I watch and listen to, the games that I play, the Images that I build or even more fun for me the “Digital Connections” that I make in this great big Virtual World that has become my second home.  But I must say that it has been a very interesting few days and the next few are set to be even more exciting.

Part of my daughter’s “coming of age” as a Teenager has been a wild fascination with many of the same things that I was interested in when I was her age (sure there were not even Cell Phones back in the Dark Ages of the Mid 80’s and typing was mostly done on a type writer) but she has a keen interest in serving this country and has been leaning towards joining the Military but for now has gotten bitten by the Paintball Bug so for her birthday I picked some gear and as a family we will be taking part in Flag Swipe Paintball‘s 12th running of the Day of the Dead.

There is nothing that can get the blood pumping than playing a “game” with 800 other crazy battle bandits so after I heal up from 7 hours of ground pounding goodness I will post on this topic but this will also become another portion of Krispy’s Rants as my daughter and I head down the path of building Krispys Kommandos together.

Have a great day!



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