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Big Shout Out to Social Media

This week I had thought that I had reached the final capacity for things being stuffed in the the meat sack I call a brain.  Lucky for me, that proved to be a false alarm as I was able to overcome a real mental block when it came to a real understanding of the Data Mart and Data Warehousing Methodologies.  I would not have been able to do so without the assistance of a client of mine who read about my plight right here in this blog.  I had always known that many of my clients (past, present and future) as well as my colleagues invested some of their time to visit this site and take part in my little social experiment.


I really did not know that the power of social media was so strong that I was having a real conversation with an implementer of the Kimball Methodology on the phone and in 20 minutes I actually had a base understanding of why the Outward-In concept would actually be a viable alternative to what I considered to be the far more elegant and logical method of creating a connection and repository of Data.

The upcoming Grand Reset (to mark my 1 year anniversary of will be a bitter sweet reminder of just how much work I have put into this project but the unification of my overall Social Connections will make my life far easier to maintain and to connect with the different channels that I sometimes struggle to fit into the finite time that is available each day.

I was reading an article this morning about Information Addiction though and I would have to agree with Leo Babauta and his post over at in that for those like me who feel an unending need to be constantly connected and moving in 75 directions at once.  Finding Balance by not ending the Social and Information Overload but by finding a balance and working in other interests to ones routine and ritual.

I think that I will find myself in this blog getting far more philosophical in the coming months and really not trying to just find news worthy content or live to move up different rankings.  I know that what I do each morning before I really start the day is helping me to connect with people 100s and 1000s  of miles away and building bridges between my chosen profession of Sales and the true passion and affinity that I have for the world of Technology.  Once again thanks to MiMo for taking the time with me yesterday, it may have been the best 20 minutes that I have spent since I cracked the code of the Alphabet when I was 2 or 3 years old…well maybe not that good but definitely worth the time. 

Chris J Powell

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