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Building a Cloud that will let the Sun Shine Through

I find it very interesting that there ares still organizations that hum and haw about Cloud Computing.  Is it Safe?  Is it Secure?  What about Bandwidth Charges?  Can I really save Money?  The thing that really gets me is that there is just as much jibber jabber coming from the supposed experts out there, granted the following statement did come from the opening line of a blog post but is attributed  back to one of the biggest and most respected (and my competitor) IT Research Firms in the world:  “Cloud computing is not the future of IT“.

That opening salvo was then softened by linking the future to Commoditization of IT as the real future (to read the full article go to ComputerWorldUK).  As a catalyst for this post though I think that the Cloud will be an integral part of IT in the future and that it is part of the bigger picture that is Commoditization.  When I look at the many different directions that IT has been forced to move to in just the last 18 months and then track back to the general stability that there was for decades before it…the IT Department needs to really focus on value to the business that it supports.

All too often, CIOs and IT Leaders are actually paid to be the voice of reason when it comes to technology innovation within a business.  There is nothing that can be as disruptive as doing whole scale upgrades every time a new piece of software comes out or the latest and greatest type of infrastructure upgrade will mean a disruptive force to the rest of the organization every 6-12 months.

The Cloud is a way to allow for a much more stable and controlled move to the next generation of software or hardware.  It can save money but not always in the long term.  The scalability and flexibility that it offers is a huge benefit.  But at the end of the day…is it the future?

The biggest advantage that I see in the Cloud is within the SME marketplace as it allows a small company, to be far more flexible and truly competitive with larger businesses. What may have taken a Capital investment of 10’s to 100’s of thousands can be started with an email, an online form and a monthly service fee.  Does that mean that the same due diligence does not need to go into a Cloud Implementation as it does into a Capital Project…you better believe it.  The Build vs Buy question still remains…it just adds two more queries – Build vs Buy vs Here or Not Here!

Building or migrating a Cloud Infrastructure is all about knowing your customer…and that is a challenge for the modern IT Professional.  Life has  been about the bits and bytes for so long that it is at times a challenge to remember that while the technical trades are that they are also very much a Service Industry as well!

To let the Sun Shine Through with a Cloud Infrastructure is not about poking holes in the Cloud, it is about the process that went into the decision.  Transparency, Accountability and Flexibility.  That in my opinion will be what continues to be a key reason that the Cloud is the Future of IT and will be for some time to come.


Chris J Powell

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