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Building a NAS for Home or Small Business Storage

There are dozens of options for a Network Attached Storage device that are very affordable but the reality is that after my Patriot Valkyrie died earlier this year…I have just been using a USB drive enclosure and running my MonstaPC all the time.  That is, until my work offered up our old Desktop PCs for a song ($5 each with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity).  For those that know me…I am a cheap bastard and this was a deal that I could not pass up.

hp-d510-sffBringing the beast home was not a problem and it sat just inside the front door for a week until I finally got up the gumption to start my latest build.  I will eventually swap out the case for something a little more sexy but to prove my point on this…I wanted to get things up and running as quickly as possible.

My first stage was to decide the OS that would run the back end of this new toy.  The way I saw things, I really only had a few real alternatives to choose from with FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault and NAS4Free and having looked at all three for some time I almost instantly narrowed the search between FreeNAS and OpenMediaVault.

Because this NAS would serve more as a Media Server than anything else (although I would be connecting things through and setting up an Oxygen Cloud connector for it (so that I would be able to access all of my media anywhere in the world) I flipped back and forth for hours, reading through both sites documentation and focusing on which had the stronger support for the things that I wanted to make this retired PC do for me in its new life.

In the end, I settled on FreeNAS and the build will wrap up tonight as I button up the final connections and find a home in my cluttered office for yet another computer (this room is starting to look like Frankenstein’s lair with my MonstaPC, 2 Netbooks, 2 retired Desktops and now KrispysNAS!

Stay tuned…this weekend I will post the build pics!

Cheers and have a great day!

Chris J Powell

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