Chris J Powell

Building on a Solid Foundation

I look around me and see all that has gone right in my life over the past 8 months.  I sometimes wonder when it will all come crashing down around me but then I realize that bad things don’t necessarily have to happen just because good things are happening.

The many good things that have happened to me include but are not limited to:

  • meeting, falling in love and getting engaged to what can only be described as the love of my life
  • becoming a dad again (no, not babies…I got two full grown kiddos as a package deal with Love!)
  • reconnecting and getting to see my own kiddo as she flourishes into a wonderful young woman
  • moving out of the city and back into a small town (which is the right pace for me)

You see all these things in themselves would be grand, and in many ways is all that I need.  Money can’t buy happiness and I am truly happy, and have no money…but I keep feeling like there is something missing from my life as it stands.  I think of opportunities that were lost to me, during the dark days of my inward battles…and I realize now that the only thing stopping me from doing and becoming what and who I want to be…is me.

I had many false starts in my quest to “re-educate” myself, not the least of which was the extreme cost of going back to school full time…so I go back to looking to build upon many of my self taught skills as I start a new venture that will hopefully help get my bank account back to a positive amount on a regular basis.

No I am not going to reveal the end game at this point…because well life should have at least a few surprises but lets just say…the world is my oyster and finding a role for me in the future that does not have me needing to drive 45 minutes one way is a really grand idea.

Stay tuned, because the foundation is laid down.  It is solid and it is ready for the first layers of a future to be placed upon it as I build a brighter, more productive and far more prosperous future.


Chris J Powell

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