Chris J Powell

Building Your Future

One of the inner demons that I fight with every day is the planning of my future self today. There are infinite possibilities that we each face and the decisions of the moment all effect what tomorrow will bring.  Lately I have been looking further out into the future and building longer term plans than what and where I want to be 6 months or 1 year from now.  In doing so I have found some very interesting sites that really dive into the “global future perspective”.

This morning when I sat down to really think about what my tomorrow may bring I took a look for some insights out on the interwebz and found a great site that helps to bring the different possibilities into perspective.  They even encourage the “building of new futures” by leveraging their timeline features.  In a PDF “white paper” titled “2012 Map of the Decade” the Institute for the Future provides some building blocks to looking 10 years down the road.

While this concept may seem counter productive to some, in the way that how do you build your own future by looking at a macro scale of what the “global future” may be…it comes to a point that when you are planning to go back to school, change jobs or move to a new city…would it not make sense to look to what may happen 10 years from now so that you have the right skills, the right mindset and a sustainable paycheck?

Stay tuned…I am starting to run through a couple of the models that they provide…soon I will share my vision of the future!



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