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BYOD is here to Stay

There is a ton of buzz around Big Data and Cloud Computing but all indications truly point to mobility being the quantum shift in computing and within that space, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is by far the most disruptive.  I work with clients who run the full spectrum on acceptance of this trend, from those that go far beyond just embracing the concept to those who are fighting it tooth and nail.


At the top layer it should be relatively simple to just open the doors and let the BYOD start to reap the benefits of reduced Total Cost of Ownership and shift many of the expenses onto the employees but for IT Departments around the world I don’t see the challenge being in the acceptance of the trend, but in the protection of the Enterprise Data that these devices connect to.  I take my iPad and Android Phone pretty much everywhere with me and while at work, I don’t have WiFi access on my iPad anymore, this renders the device (which was effectively a dual screen) to be little more than an oversized MP3 Player.

So what is an IT Leaders supposed to do?  Well the first step according to Matt McLarty over at Layer 7 Technologies:

I believe that the overwhelming emphasis on user experience combined with the impact of cloud and big data will now blur the line between logic and data, and the border between presentation and logic will become much more complete. That concrete border has a name: it is the API.

So what is so important about the API and why should the Enterprise care about Mobile App Development?  Time after time, building “just” a Web App has failed to live up to the expectations.  The API becomes a new Security Border allowing for authentication on multiple layers (app, device and user) and using opportunities built in to iOS, Android and even Windows Phone/BlackBerry OAuth becomes a very real option. 

To ensure that IT is able to remain relevant moving forward, BYOD is not something to be ignored or brushed under the rug and hope it will go away.  Hiding ones head in the sand does not work working with this new paradigm has one big upside – Employee Satisfaction!

These mobile devices are fast moving from media consumption to an ever increasing opportunity for true portability of data…secure it not with a Web App but with a device specific Application that fits the needs and demands of the new Mobile Workforce (that may not be very mobile at all) and the world is your oyster!


Chris J Powell

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