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Can Blackberry 10 save RIM?

I am Canadian!  Yes and while I may not be a Tim Horton’s sipping, Toque Wearing, Maple Syrup            Dealing type of Canadian…I do root for the the good things that Canada has to offer.  I support the Toronto Maple Leafs (but I am taking a year off in protest of the NHL Lockout), I think the CFL and its 3 downs and longer field make for a more exciting game than the NFL and I hope that RIM can make a comeback with their upcoming release of Blackberry 10!

RIM is pulling out all the stops and having their product launch tomorrow and from looking at the specs that I pulled down from impressive does not even begin to define the flagship Blackberry Z10:

Card slotmicroSD, up to 32 GB
Internal16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM
Primary Camera8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
VideoYes, 1080p@30fps
SecondaryYes, 2 MP, 720p@30fps

The reality is, RIM has a lot riding on the successful launch of the “new Blackberry” and winning back some of the iPhone and Android converts will take far more than fancy new hardware.  Is the OS ready for prime time?  The delays that RIM has forced upon their loyal users has been hard to take…I now have more iOS devices in the house than Linux devices thanks to that.  But in looking at what Blackberry 10 is including with the new OS…I must say that if all that is promised comes with the Z10 and the N10 tomorrow…I think that Apple and Android will have a real contender!

But far more important is the OS itself.  The App Stores of the competition are filled with jewels, gems and outright duds but with a combined might 1.4 million options…how can RIM and  its Blackberry App World hope to compete?  There is just 105,000 options to choose from with the revamp of the service back in October…but the look and feel of the App World is definitely a vast improvement over the old versions that I experienced in setting up the Blackberry’s that were in my life for several years.

Features of the new OS that get my inner Geek tingling though (I am more of a Z10 than an N10 guy so I am focusing on the larger 4.2″ screen):

  • The Home Screen and its fresh take on Information Display instead of App Launchers is nice.  Sure I can do the same thing on my Android with Widgets with 4 Apps displaying the vitals of my life…a nice change that comes as default.
  • Full Use of the display – there is nothing that irks me more than not being able to access different parts of the display and make things happen.  From the sides to the bottom…there is a Flow to the new Blackberry OS that not only makes sense but reminds me a great deal of the recent demos of the Ubuntu Phone options.
  • The Blackberry Hub is an account management tool that is built to assist all of us Socially Addicted people that are trying to maintain dozens of profiles and “identities”
  • Personal and Work Modes – This may be the biggest feature of all.  Mobile Device Management included on the device!  It lets you separate your Personal from your Work!  BRILLIANT!  An IT Managers dream come true.
  • The Keyboard…I like the fact that RIM is emulating the keyboard that would typically be found on an older Blackberry using the silver “frets”…this makes the transition a little easier to the big screen device

So do I think that Blackberry will hit a home run with the N10, Z10 and future Blackberry 10 devices…that is hard to say.  Can they win over the some of the frustrated Apple and Android Users who are tired of the bickering and lawsuits and tanking Apple Stock…possibly.  The timing is really really good for RIM so only time will tell.  I do suspect that they will regain their #3 spot quite easily and have brisk sales right out of the gate eclipsing Windows Phone 8 sales by a wide margin.


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  1. Chris, really I think the BES enterprise server is coming to the end, only Blackberry die hard fans will continue to purchase these – Microsoft will soon be changing licensing and pushing the Windows 8 phones.

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