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Canada Day is Over…but the fun is just about to begin!

The past two days have been a bit traumatic for me as I battled through getting a better understanding of why my Web Host does not allow any modification to their “Click n’ Run” Applications available.  This went beyond frustrating but then to find out the back end trickery that i had to do to get any of my chosen apps to work has had me pulling what little hair I have out in frustration!

I went through the painful and arduous task of trying no less than 8 different CMS Installations before returning to WordPress for The Rants and Musings of a Tech Sales Guy.   The great thing is I was able to very easily port over all but a few of my posts with a relatively simple plugin and built out what I think is a pretty solid alternative to the many other options that I had to host this blog.

While WordPress may not allow me to do some of the collaboration ideas that I had with the site it will allow me to effectively maintain both sites and not have to keep “cross pollinating” the blogosphere.

The porting of the content and reworking of the site itself (once I settled on the WordPress install) and chose the plugins that would power the site I now have all my Social Connectors setup, User Accounts built and yes I even included access to my Calendar using the service (feel free to schedule calls and appointments with me (I will be updating my calendar daily).

The next step is to refresh the Landing Page and then we are off to the races.  I really do enjoy this aspect of mucking around with the coding and I have learned enough about PHP to realize that it has been a long time since I did any real web design.

Tonight the family and I are off to watch fireworks in North London (Hyde Park actually) with a friend from work.  The Wife is making some delicious cupcakes as we speak for our visit.  I can’t wait to chill out and watch the sky erupt in a technicolor dream!

What will tomorrow bring?  I think I will start to build my Registered User Only pages and focus on some specific content delivery avenues that will look at in depth looks at Technology, Sales Best Practices and Biographies of my favorite Geeks through out history.  Register today, I made it as easy as possible.

Stay tuned, tomorrow will be fun.


Chris J Powell

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