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CES wraps up today

In just over 15 hours, the doors to the Consumer Electronics Show will close for another year and in looking through the hundreds of posts that have come from the industry “experts” there seems to be a consensus that while there are some interesting announcements and new products…there is nothing earth shattering or life changing coming into our lives any time soon.

As I noted in my post on Saturday I am most excited for the Ubuntu Phone but a few things did peak my interest:

1. iOptik from Innovega – Combining contact lenses and a glass that is currently being marketed for the military but in 2014-2015 will be a soft lens contact.

2. Vuzix – A Project Glass Competitor that will be available later this year for under $500!

3. OpenSource meets Infotainment in Cars – Both Ford and General Motors announce that they will be opening their in car Infotainment systems to Third Party Developers like Pelagicore.

4. Monster Tablets – Yes 10.1″ screens are just not enough…now we have full on 18.4″ Tablets that convert to All-in-One PCs when docked!

5. iPad Potty – Ok I had to throw this one in…if parents really are this lazy…or are ready to start hardwiring their kids to start taking technology to the bathroom (admit it…you do it too) then maybe the Mayans were right!


Chris J Powell



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