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Cloud Computing Mistakes

There is no denying that Cloud Computing has been one of the biggest paradigm shifts that business and IT have had to deal with in the last 20 years (even if the concept of Cloud Computing is really just a rebranding of outsourcing and managed services).  I am always surprised by the number of definitions and challenges that customers face when it comes to getting a real handle on this technology that is likely to be worth $160 Billion by 2014!

While it is a huge change and a fundamental shift in how resources are assigned and allotted within the business, the real challenge is to not jump first and find value afterwards.  I found a great resource from a Cloud Service Provider Sererra that actually does a good job of outlining some of the issues and errors made when migrating to the Cloud.  I call this type of post a “Krispyfication” as I take the headers from another post that I respect and well add my own spin.

Thinking and investigating – but not moving an inch

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Media or any of the other dozen “Hype Cycled” technologies out there.  If you look at all the options, focus on building a solid plan, have all your ducks in a row and then do nothing…all the time, people and resources in the world are not going to fix this fundamental error.  Yes take the time to look, do your research but ACT!

If you have to move to the cloud, it better solve your problems

The reality is the Cloud is not a Silver Bullet that will magically solve all of your technology woes and make life better in an instant.  There will be challenges, some new some the same as they were yesterday but in the long run can the move to the cloud and computing that is “NOT HERE” will be more about the action than the inaction!

The Cloud Won’t manage itself; you have to do it

I hear the counter argument that moving to the cloud will mean the loss of jobs.  The reality is, it will change the jobs that are being done.  It will mean that the focus will change and efforts will be different but once the migration is over it does not mean you can just say “OK, that is over.  See you later.”

Due diligence

This is actually the opposite of the doing nothing statement.  I have several clients who have given me a plethora of Cloud Horror stories when departments within their companies went out and contracted Cloud Service Providers without communicating it with them.  Risk Management is key to any business…if you are not doing your due diligence and communicating that with business leaders…YOU ARE FAILING THE BUSINESS!

Picture costs, then execute

You have the picture, you have the plan…now DO IT.  As Yoda said “Do or not do…there is no try!”.  At the end of the day the move to a more focused Operations Budget that leverages an appropriate mix of Cloud and Traditional resources will benefit the business, the IT Department and if done properly…the customers too!

Not researching vendors for utility and enterprise support

Blindly turning towards ever Cloud Service Provider and making investment like a dog chasing ever squirrel in the park can be a quick end to a career and potentially a business!  Look to the companies that are going to extend your ability to support, expand and grow your business.  It doesn’t matter if you have 1 in IT or 1000 in IT it is important to look to the companies that fit with your business and have a dedication to ongoing and superior support.

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