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Confessions of a Geek Dad – Infographic of the Week

I proudly take full ownership of my status as a Geek…but more importantly that of a Geek Dad.  With the end of my first 2 weeks without my little kiddo (ok she is not so little anymore) and the start of my next full two weeks approaching fast I figured that I would head out onto the web to find some information about just how cool it is to be a Geek Dad…I was surprised to find a ton of information on the subject…and beyond that…a really cool Infographic or two.

When it comes to being a Geek Dad and building upon the lessons that I have learned (many of them through trial and error and countless 1000’s of dollars lost to “experiments”) I can only hope that my own quest for connection and understanding of the tech in my life does spill over to the things that my daughter will do with her life.

When it comes to the here and the now…I am always impressed with just how fast my little wonder kid picks up on technology and understands how and what to do to make things I share this Infographic from Linksys as a guide to all the other Geek Dads out there…it really is Hip to be Square!




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