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Configuring A Life – Just Like a PC

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could truly just reset ourselves, reformat and come back faster stronger and more efficient just like when we install a new OS on a computer.  Each week I experiment with a different OS (mainly flavors of Linux but I digress).  I have some upcoming work to do and wanted to be able to do so within the Windows Ecosystem so out I pull a copy of Windows 8.1 and give it a whirl and I must say…the difference between 8 and 8.1 is enough to make me take notices and say…this actually works (even if the tiles are still annoying).


You see, my life has had more than a few BSOD’s (Blue Screens of Death) in its day and while I am undertaking the largest reset and “reformat” of my life right now…I think I have everything laid out in a way that I will be able to keep things stable and clean for quite some time.  Over the past 15 years, I can honestly say that I have installed more than 500 Operating Systems over 750 times…I rarely go more than a month or two without thinking about starting over.

With Windows, that is a hugely time consuming process.  I have all that software to re-install, music and movies to re-index and then there is the inevitable file corruption as the file was moved from location to location in the previous installation so then it is back out to the Interwebz, re-download, move to a folder and install.  My times with Linux are far easier, no disks to pull out, no drivers to install, just a memory of where the install packages are located in the given repositories.

On average, I can have a Linux Desktop reformatted and ready to run in about 1 hour, Windows is about 2 days and then there is the grand reset of my life.  almost 5 months into the new reality and I still have not got to where I want to be…as far as the file structure goes.

While I may keep things fast and light with my computer…it is not so easy re-indexing the 42 year history that is my life.  I have boxes of stuff that I really don’t know what is in them and I wonder if I ever really will…but then again the same can be said about some of the file folders that I store on the massive storage arrays that make up my digital life.

This time though…I think I will be taking things far more seriously.

The cloud is now very much a reality in this life and storing things outside of my comfort zone is not only a possibility, it is a necessity.  Not only to I have 14 TB of data Storage at home, but I also have a combination of OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and a few others that for some reason I never seem to remember and across those different platforms…I store different things…and now comes one of the biggest decisions that I have had to make in my digital life…do I keep both Krispy’s Bytes and Krispy’s Rants running…or do I combine them and consolidate them in one or the other of the domains…or do I just do away with them both and like the rest of my life…do a reset?

I am tired of making all these grand decisions…I wish things could be as easy as choosing between 500 different Operating Systems!



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