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Consumer Electronics Show is Next Week

Just a couple of days and the world’s Tech Media and Gadget Geeks will descend upon Las Vegas like a hoard of Locusts clamoring to see what is new, shiny and has extra bells and whistles.  For me…I love my gadgets but CES is not something that I could really see myself attending (mainly because I would be forced to make 3 times my current income to afford all the gadgets I know I would want).  But in the CES previews there are a few things that have peaked my interest:

1. Ubuntu Phones

The first thing that I saw that really got my eyebrow to raise was a report that Canonical will be revealing not a secondary OS like they did at the Mobile World Congress in Spain last year but they will be revealing a customized Nexus 3 phone that runs Ubuntu directly from the phone…yes this is taking things to not the PC+ level but to the full on Post PC era.

2. Gigabit Wireless Standards will be Announced

Yep that is right…we just officially got 802.11n ratified and now we are looking square in the face of WiGig that is an amazing 1 Gigabit per second connectivity to all our devices.  Media Sharing will no longer be bottle necked by the wireless connection, Wires do not have to be plugged in anywhere and life is really about to get a whole lot more interesting.

3. New Storage/Networking

There is some hints that the push to more “Storage Networking” devices coming out and being announced, so what I am wondering is it going to become a reality that a Router will become a full functioning Storage device??  As we consider making the shift back to DSL this could become a big thing for us and while I am not overly impressed with the time that I invested in building my NAS device…if I can have a Router that will double as a full time Media Server…that would be perfect.

While these are a few of the things that peak my interest…I may just follow this a little closer this year and maybe…just maybe make plans to head to Vegas in 2014!


Chris J Powell

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