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Converting my Library

I have been an onscreen reader for years and a collector of PDFs for years but now I find myself in an untenable position of having nearly 4,000 books that are all but unreadable on my new Kindle.  I am not about to go back out and buy these or resource them in the native .mobi or .azw formats…that is just not financially going to happen.  In a world that has become increasingly digitized it is the access to these files that has allowed me to function and now with a kindle I can slip 100’s of books into my back pocket.


There are many options…I started with a quick convert of a couple of files to .epub and then back to pdf…while the font became viewable…well the formatting just sucked.  I needed something that was fast and simple as I sift through my digital library for the books I want with me at all times.  In searching and struggling with the free tools I located one that just might do the trick…PDF Scissors!


This little utility works quickly either online or offline and removes the “white space” that is inherent with a PDF that was built as a digital format of a printed book.  I have been able to zip through about 300 books so far this morning and will maintain 2 library from now on…a bit of a waste but I am now completely in love with the ease of use of the Kindle and the lack of headaches that will come from not staring at a backlit tablet.


What I am truly impressed with when it comes to the Kindle is really the simplicity and small size.  The 6 inch screen did take some getting used to after playing with my iPad or even the 7″ tablets I have kicking around but I find the screen to be just right and who can complain about a battery that can last for 2 months…WOW!


So while I am on my holiday’s I expect to rip through 20 or 30 books that I have been putting off…noting like lining up 2012 with new insight and knowledge!


Question of the Day – December 24, 2011


Do you prefer traditional printed books or eBooks?




Chris J Powell

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