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Could We Live Without Google?

To say that my current life is greatly improved and easier because of Google would be an understatement.  I have an Android Phone, 3 Android Tablets, a Chromebook and on my Desktop the Browser of Choice is always Google Chrome.  Google as a company has embedded its way into my daily lifestyle.  I search for things using the Google Search Engine, send email using GMail, post things to Google+ and even use the Google Docs Family of Apps to keep track of most of the things that I want saved for posterity…so what would happen if the suckling of the G-Teet ended today?  Would I be able to function?  Would you?


What got me thinking about ending the Google Dominance of my life was the recent acquisition of SkyNet…er Skybox and the thought of a world so utterly controlled by the use of Google Technology has me wondering…it may be convenient to put all my eggs in one basket…but should I really live my life with having everything so controlled by a single corporation that doesn’t really care about me…unless I click their links and buy more of their products.

I went looking for true alternatives for the dominance that Google has taken me to.  Some things I can not change right away (I still have 1 year left on my Bell Canada Contract for my phone) but I do know that I can install the Ubuntu Touch Interface on my Nexus 4…so I have an option there.


Can I really do without Google Chrome?  On my Chromebook I can install Ubuntu and run all the normal things that I can on my desktop and switch over to Firefox so I am not concerned there…but what about on my tablets that are utterly dominated by the Google Interface?  I do have the option of Opera or Firefox but then I got thinking about the Dolphin Browser that has come a long way over the years.


This will be a tough one to give up.  I have been using Google for a long time.  I am used to manipulating the Search Codes to find exactly what I want, when I want it so it will be tough to make the switch but I am going to give two alternatives a whirl over the next little while and see how it goes.  Blekko and DuckDuckGo are Search Engines that respect your Privacy and in initial searches I was able to locate what I wanted fairly easily…but time will tell if this is really an alternative.


Email is something that I live and breath by.  I get more than 1000 emails per day and try to read as many as possible.  Most of that information comes to my two Gmail Accounts…so would I be able to just stop looking at that email?  I guess…but the thought of coming back to it in a few days, weeks or months…scares me.

Social Media

I find myself way to involved with the world of Social Media, not as much as I was when I was a Sales Guy but it might be time to just disconnect from all Social Media for a while.  Start to form real relationships again…nah…Facebook has a bigger hold on me than Google!!!

As you can see, I can move away from Google Dominance…but is it worth it?  I will give it a try.  Tonight will be the mass update of my devices and I will give it a couple of weeks of being Google Free…it will be interesting to see if I start to shake uncontrollably as I go through the G-Withdrawls.



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