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Da Email, Da Email…You had NO IDEA Strongbad!

For those who are not familiar with the works of the beloved Internet Luchador, Strong Bad the long ago internet sensation (before the time of YouTube and Vine) there was a weekly flash video produced from far away in Strongbadia that would answer fans questions in…well a pretty unique way (SB Email) but even as the computer that Strong Bad uses in the videos so too has Email evolved and despite rumors of its imminent demise…it is likely to remain around for a  very long time. (heck I even wanted to believe with posts like I am not the only one confronted by the email pollution and Inbox Zero – Lofty Goal or Easy Fix? but with this venerable web tool (yes the only thing on the internet older than me is email) it keeps reinventing itself.

While Friday’s are typically my Free App Reviews, I could not resist taking a gander at the future of email with “Inky” a relatively new take on the 42 year old medium that we all love to hate.

With as many email addresses as I have at my disposal (Gmail,, Yahoo, etc) it is always nice to find a tool that will let me combine all that inbox clutter into a single view and let me sort through the daily deluge of my internet life.  Interestingly, Inky is very easy to use and for the most part it actually loaded all the settings for multiple emails easily and without any fuss (a little tweaking was needed for my email address) but I was able to combine my 3 Primary email addresses into one unified view.

The dock on the left side of the Screen allows me to sort my email in some pretty unique ways.

With both individual and unified inbox options, Social and Personal views, Subscriptions, Notes, Blocks, Packages and many more…I was instantly in love with how this modern and slick email program was laid out.

The solution is available on Windows Only which is too bad because I will not be able to port it over to my other Linux PCs but for the my “MonstaPuter” that is now running Windows 8 almost permanently (I know…who would have thunk it) I am very impressed with just how easy it was to start using it and how well it fit into what I envision a modern email program being.

Can it compete with Thunderbird, Live Mail and Outlook?  I think it can not only compete but if given a chance, could become the next Firefox or Chrome for the Internet world.  It is FREE, it is EASY and it WORKS.  This robust little blob of “Ink” is the right fit for me….will it be for you?




2 thoughts on “Da Email, Da Email…You had NO IDEA Strongbad!

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Chris! We’ve spent much of 2013 working on the “inky core” to improve performance and stability. Now were transitioning our main efforts to support for other platforms, including Linux.

    And we have a few more surprises up our sleeve for 2014, too. 🙂

    — The Inky Team

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