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Data Inertia – Final Hurdle for Cloud Computing – Big Data marriage?

I have been fortunate enough to never being without something to talk about when it comes to this blog and today was no different.  A “new” catch phrase has entered into the ever growing list of new “Next Big Things” for IT Professionals to be looking out for.  What is Data Inertia?  Why should anyone care? Is this really the final hurdle to allow business to move to a realistic Data Integration plan in the Cloud?

The nature of Big Data is that we are talking Terabytes to Petabytes to Exabytes and this can be a massive undertaking not only to collect and store it but also to move it, manipulate it and integrate it.  A challenge for companies that have adopted SaaS and PaaS (Software as a Service and Platform as a Service) for development and interaction with data is that the massive amounts of Data need to be moved to the Cloud and in many cases all the way back again!

In all reality, Data does have its own Inertia.  It is constantly moving at blazing speeds, but as the Data Sets Grow in Size…the one real bottle neck is the available Bandwidth.

So what would it take to move a Big Data Set of just 1 Petabyte to the cloud, the reality is that with current bandwidth speeds…it is daunting to think of the time it would take to move things around.  I headed over to iCalc and did a quick check on moving that 1 Petabyte Data Set around with some common Internet Service Providers Speeds, the results were shocking:

14.4 kbps19834 Years
28.8 kbps9917 Years
33.6 kbps8500 Years
56 kbps5100 Years
64K ISDN4463 Years
128K ISDK2231 Years
640K DSL446 Years
1.54M T1/1.5 DSL185 Years
T3/DS36 Years
OC32 Years
OC12168 Days
OC4842 Days


Chris J Powell

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