Chris J Powell

Data Visualization gone Easy!

Big Data is truly all the rage but how is it that we can see the data and connect with it?  Infographics have become increasingly popular and in looking out for a way to make Krispy’s Rants a little more visually appealing, I jumped out to check out the world of InfoGraphic Development.  Being a “frugal marketer” I decided to start out with services that were FREE even if they were at times either limited with options or limited with scope.

So for me to actually test any of these services out…I would need to dive into the creation of an InfoGraphic…and this would be interesting as I have been a long time removed from my roots as a Graphic Designer.  But first up is an Online Resume builder that puts things into a graphical representation.

I created a first draft and will be extending it further as time goes on.  The site is completely free and connects into your LinkedIn profile to build the first layer of your resume.  Easy enough but  then you can start diving into your achievements, opportunities, portfolio, hobbies and really start to build a way for employers to get to know who you are.

I will be spending some time with this utility to flesh out and build in some additional content over the next few days but as a starter…here is Krispy’s Professional Life 1.0:

While this is a simple process overall…and the subject matter is something that I could be considered the world’s leading authority on (it is me after all) this is nothing more than a graphical resume…a great way to market one’s self but for true InfoGraphics…there are several other tools out there that I will be diving into over the next weeks: – both Free and Pro versions available – Take your Social Presence and build an InfoGraphic – Can take pure data and build a unique InfoGraphic – A Community of InfoGraphics Pros and Dabblers building a Visual Future – Another Social focused InfoGraphics setup

All of these do all the work for you online…which is nice because it means that it is not device dependent (you can build with your Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Linux Desktop just like I did and will do).

It is an exciting time…I just don’t know what data sets I will dive into first to build a unique InfoGraphic with.  Any Suggestions???



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