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Data Visualization – Seeing Data in New Ways

The concept of Data Visualization is nothing new.  We have all sat through presentations filled with Charts and Graphs but now in this world of Big Data…the old ways just don’t cut it.  There are so many great ways to visually present data that can be seen for so much more than just a 2 axis graph that it is hard to imagine how we survived all those years of sitting through long winded talks about company growth projections and the price of pork belly futures.

Text similaritiesSome may call this new craze in Data Visualization a fad that will pass but I genuinely feel that the more ways we can see and in turn manipulate data the better we can be.  In doing some digging I found a great article over at Smashing Magazine that lays it all out but being from 2007 it predates the biggest change in Data Visualization…the Infographic.

A great example of how a company is putting its collected data to use in a visual way can be found over at General Electric’s GEBlog the information runs from the mundane to the wildly interesting and presents data both in Video Format and in Static Images.

By far the king of all things Visual when it comes to Data Visualization is a site that I visit often… which is a global collection of Infographics but also includes an opportunity to look at and build a graphic based on social media (at this time it is just Facebook and Twitter) and with about 4 clicks, I created this interesting little graphic about my interactions on Facebook:

create infographics with

The future really is about the better connection of Data and our ability to make sense of it in real and profound ways.  With T-2 days until the 2012 iteration of my employers Case Competition and the opportunity to not only chart the future of one of the worlds most dynamic Research and Advisory firms…but a really good opportunity to interact with some interesting people and brainstorm new challenges…the looking at ways to really focus on new Data Representation rather than just Charts and Graphs is key.

Today marks the final 480 minutes of a year for me.  If I was to put that into perspective, in the previous 240 work days I have invested more than 114,000 minutes to my efforts as a Sales Professional.  All the hard work, connections and focus comes down to just 1 single day.  Do I have enough left in the tank?  Is there more that I could have done?  Well, in 480 minutes we will find out…because as of tomorrow…it all starts over and I get to hit the reset button and start the next 115,200 minutes of work with 100% focus!

My advise to you…don’t just visualize the Data.  Visualize your life and get ready to start your next 115,200 minutes with vim and vigor!


Chris J Powell

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