Chris J Powell

Death of a Sales Guy

I have learned many things over my 41 years of wandering around this planet.  Some good, some bad.  I have made friends, the occasional enemy and lots and lots of acquaintances.  I have been working full-time since I was 15 years old, it has not been easy especially when balancing work with school, work with family and work with work but it has been rewarding.  The past 5 1/2 years I have been for the most part proud to call myself a Sales Guy…but that came to a triumphant end yesterday.

I say this as I hang up my dress shirt and tie, put away my briefcase and plug-in my laptop for the last time as it relates to a Sales Guy.  The money was really good and I was successful beyond my own expectations in this path that had found me…but I was never happy.  I came to a surprising conclusion over the last several days that while a pay check will pay the bills that we have in the physical world…the emotional bills that come due from pushing and pulling, and being something that is not real is really expensive.

I placed a high standards of ethics on myself in my interactions with customers.  I worked really hard to know and understand what it was that I was representing and how it would not only be good for my customers…it would truly be something that was “right” for them…even if they did not know that it existed before I met them.

The thrill of the hunt and the high of success was fun and fulfilled a base desire for me for quite some time.  I was able to walk a path of both Geek and Sales Guy quite well…and then the walls started to crumble.

I was still quite good at what I did, and when I was on…there was no stopping me.  I was an Inside Sales Specialist, I could conquer the world given the right number, the right contact and just 1 hour to introduce the services that I had to offer.  I could sell $50,000 worth of services to customers in under 45 minutes just by painting the picture of their future…and the beauty of it was…because I firmly believed this I would follow through with the implementations.

In September last year…I hit a bump in the road, and then December came along and the loss of my Grandfather and a man who over the past 15 years had become like a Father to me also left.  The emotional weight and the new challenges that I faced made it harder and harder to regain my footing and I really started to question the realities of being a Sales Guy.

Yesterday, I put an abrupt stop to being a Sales Guy…will I stop selling…no, I firmly believe that we are all in Sales…but no longer will that be my primary focus in any job that I do…and hopefully it will help me regain a piece of myself that has been lost.  To all the Sales Guy’s and Gals out there…I tip my hat to you.




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