Chris J Powell

"Destructo Kitty"

Normally when one thinks of a kitten one thinks of a gentle, loving bundle of joy but our Double Stuffed little Oreo has become the bane of my existence!  The total destructive bill in the past 2 weeks has been enough to have me wonder if having Kitty Stew for Sunday dinner may be in order!

We were out last night visiting my father in law and partaking in a little “Fellow shipping” around the camp fire and got home about 11:30.  All was good, the dog and the cat greeted us with kind “meows” and a soft little “bark” but not 1 hour later there came a thunderous crash from the basement.


I went to look and found the shelf that holds our family’s key to the internet and my NAS device that holds ALL of our media (movies, tv shows, videos, music, 4 years of photos, all the files from 12 different computers and more than 400 Linux OS ISO) had been pulled down by the latest edition of our Family!


What will I do?  Not sure but it does mean that a redesign of the layout of the basement happens TODAY!  So much for a holiday long weekend…at least it is raining so out door fun is pretty much out!




Chris J Powell

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