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Do or Not Do…There is no Try!

There are many things that we think we should “try” and there might be an opportunity to get more out of life if we made this change or that change but the past year has confirmed to me that “trying” something means that you are not committed to the success of the endeavour.  So why a quote from Yoda of all people to lead into commitment?


I look at this quote from a movie that first came out in 1980 when I was just 8 years old as catalyst for my work ethic and dedication to everything that I do.  If I commit to doing something, I strive to be the best I can be at it.  That goes for daily posts on this blog, servicing and selling my clients the right products, assisting and building insights for my peers and living up to the expectations of my employer.

As you can see, I commit to a lot of things for other people and there has not been much about the commitment to me and there is good reason for that…I live to serve.  In another time I likely given an oath to king and country as a warrior and it is that warrior code that I try to live up to everyday.  Serving others seems to fill a hole that I have, but after 14 weeks of introspection and looking to the dangers of always putting others first…it is time for me to get a little selfish.

Any and all activities that I participate in will have to have a measure of “What’s in it for me?” and if that can not be clearly defined well as I prepare for a Sales Seminar on Market Dominance with my Sales Hero Jeffrey Gitomer I think back to his other books that I have in my collection and I start to buzz a little with anticipation for reconnecting with the one person I can directly attribute much of my ongoing success as a Sales Professional to.

When we take a step back to 3 1/2 years ago when I started to think about leaving the Technical Services World and spread my wings in Sales I did not know who Jeffrey Gitomer was.  I had the privilege of getting to see his last appearance here in London, ON and have the first book that I purchased signed by him (and I still read it 2-3 times per year).  We all “Sell” even if Sales Person is not in your job title and I strongly recommend looking through his series of books at your local Barnes and Noble or Chapters…or head over to and check out his titles.

So we circle back to the title of this post,  “Do or Not Do.  There is no Try!”.  If we look at the words, they make sense in so many ways.  Trying is not a commitment.  Success does not come from trying new things, it comes from the dedication to a cause, purpose or task and the follow through to its logical completion.

As I finish up in prepping for a day of Seminars and Workshops I can only think of what will the next year hold for me?  What ever the fates have in store for me…I am ready for it, so bring on the change!


Chris J Powell

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