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Do you need to sent that Email?

I have become a victim to my own hatred of email lately.  I send email’s to my colleagues that sit next to me.  Even through Social Media channels I tend to interact more with the “written word” than I do in person or even by telephone.  I seem to have become addicted to the sending of one line emails and deep and complex analytical musings via email…until now!

I was digging through some of the partners that I have developed and found an amazing Info-Graphic that I thought I would share here today, The Social Workplace has become one of my favorite places for inspiration lately…thanks again for the link over to who created the infographic below:


When I get to the office I will be printing off this work flow chart and placing it at my desk as a constant reminder to think before clicking send.  Run through the Flow chart a couple of times yourself…I bet you will find you don’t need to send that email!


Chris J Powell

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