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I have always had an love of all things ooie and gooey when it comes to the Deep Fried Goodness of a Fresh Donut.  You may have noticed that even the Logo for this blog and many of the associated images related to Krispy’s Rants can trace their connections back to the Krispy Kreme Donut Heritage.

My first real job you see was as a Bakers Assistant at a little Coffee Shop in the hinterlands of Southern Ontario Canada.  There is absolutely nothing better in this world than the “taste testing” of a Maple Walnut Cake Donut, fresh out of the fryer and smothered in Prailines and Cream Ice Cream.

But I digress, it is those fond memories of my youth before the world of Technology and every that pulls us in so many directions has built us back into the Social Animals that our beloved local Coffee Shop once built.  People from all over would come to meet and visit at what was first “Swiss Pantry Donuts”, then “Maitland Valley Coffee Shop” and finally after an ownership change Lai King’s Donuts. 

I had the honour over the course of nearly 10 years of working in that building for 8 years, it was that job, first as a Baker’s Assistant and then as Counter Wait Staff employee that solidified my work ethic and got me ready for all things that have come since.  When I post my Best Donuts on the Web, it is a tribute to my own roots and a way of saying goodbye to the place that gave me my start way back in 1987.


The Dead Elvis Donut at Psycho Donuts, Campbell, California


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Donut from Nicola’s Donuts, Tampa, Florida


The Big D, from Texas Donuts at the L.A. County Fair

This is going to become a regular feature on the site and have its own page.  I will be opening up access to this part of the site to any and all who would like to submit their “reviews” and statements on the Best Donuts of the web.  I will do my part and will attempt to visit as many of the small and unknown Coffee Shops and Donut Slingers within 250 kilometers of my little part of the world.

If you would like to submit your donut review, or point me in the right direction of the best  donuts in your neck of the woods.  I did a quick check and there are plenty of potential Road Trips included, some major points of interest within the limits:

Toronto, Ontario

Guelph, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

Buffalo, New York

Detroit, Michigan

Akron, Ohio

Sarnia, Ontario

Port Huron, Michigan

Cleveland, Ohio

The Quest for the Best Donuts on the Web has now begun.  Simply go to the Contact Me page and completing the Comments Form…this is gonna be fun…but I guess I should not have let my Gym Membership Lapse if I am going to do this…hmm…well I guess I could start riding a bike to work???


Chris J Powell

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