Chris J Powell

Driverless Cars Now Allowed in California

In a stunning victory for Google and its backing of the Driverless Car concept, the State of California has passed the Automonous-Vehicles Bill into law in a public signing on Wednesday.  While an interesting technology, I wonder what it will be like for my grandchildren when it is no longer a right of passage to turn 16 and get a Drivers License.

In an article from Wired Magazine, it is anticipated that there will be no need for a Drivers License by 2040 and while I will be at a stage in my life that I would gladly give up some of the headaches of driving (yes there are stupid drivers out there) I am not sure that driving is one of those things that I would want to give up.

The technology behind the project is quite impressive though incorporating Radar, Laser Range Finders and advanced software that anticipates the actions of other vehicles several times per second as this video demonstrates:

It is a new world, and for those people who are physically unable to drive this new technology would provide a new level of freedom.



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