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Dropbox for Teams, Unthink Launches the Anti-Facebook and Sony decides to Go it Alone

This really could not be more of a timely release of information as in the last two weeks I have been asked the question – “Is there a Team version of iCloud available that I can have more control over Data Security?”  and now Dropbox is making a version of its wildly successful Cloud Storage solution call Dropbox for Teams.  The ease of use of the successful online file storage service will allow SMB market to have a single point of storage for mobile users…and this is a good thing.

Straight from the horses mouth, the Dropbox for Teams will feature:

  • Price will be $795 per user for five users and for each extra user $125
  • One Dropbox account for business use
  • Storage is UNLIMITED
  • A dashboard tool to administrate, add and delete users
  • Instant sync across shared folders
  • SMB market will be the target
  • Dropbox for Teams includes Phone Support


I can see there being a huge uptake in this service for those widely dispersed teams that need to collaborate and access tools over and over but the real win will be for SMB IT Managers who have been struggling with the concept of Consumerization of their department.  Many times the right fit is a Consumer product or service that is not scalable or does not fit into their security strategy…this is a real win.


The Anti-Facebook arrives with

I received the alert of the Anti-Facebook and immediately registered for the restricted Beta…no word back from them yet but the concept of is quite appealing when we look at Facebook and Google basically archiving our data and search habits to sell ad space and generate revenue all the while locking down our data and co-opting it for their purposes.  Now I am generally not a conspiracy nut and don’t really concern myself to much with the personal privacy that I have given up in the deployment of my Personal Brand but I have always had a nagging feeling that Facebook was up to something.

Now we may all think…another Social Network and in reality I was thinking the same thing when I noticed the announcement last night but then I thought about it further…and looked to the mission statement and goals of the company and got really intrigued by its concept.  They do not call themselves a Social Network but a Social Revolution…I like that and well as far as a marketing ploy…good timing as the Occupy the Universe protests are starting to get a little old…it gives activists a face and a forum…that I can actually get behind.  I took this from their About Us page

Sony decides to Go it Alone

The long standing partnership between Sony and Ericsson is now over with Sony making the Sony Ericsson a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony as it integrates the mobile company directly into its electronics divisions.  The price tag…$1.47 Billion.

The reasoning behind the integration will be to rapidly integrate the company’s smartphones into its own rich product lineup that now includes tablets, TVs and PCs and to bring the Patents that Sony Ericsson has developed directly under the control which according to a press release will cover “five essential patent families relating to wireless handset technology”.


I have said it before and the market keeps proving it but 2012 is going to be a VERY, VERY Interesting year for mobile technology.


Well that is it for me and my Rant today.  The week is almost over which is good but I have decided to use the closing remarks as a little Easter egg for my regular readers so to Louise…I found the Blinders and you really should have more Evening Tea’s so you don’t need them.




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