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Evolution of the Smart Phone

With a global penetration of Mobile Devices sitting at a staggering 86% or 5.6 Billion subscribers and Smart Phones accounting for nearly 50% of that number, the time is coming that the Smart Phone will become the primary device for computing.  Ubuntu for Android is really a natural evolution of what we do with our mobile devices and extend the capabilities from hand held, to Desktop, to Laptop to Tablet!

While I have mulled over the idea for months of rooting my Motorola Droid Razr to take on this option, the penalty of death, divorce or worse…no Smart Phones by my wife has me more than a little apprehensive of making the leap and rooting my device…but as the project matures and my favorite OS is mated with the world’s most prolific Mobile OS, it is getting harder and harder to resist!

In an interesting twist, from the heart of Silicon Valley comes a start up company that has embraced the concept of mating Android with Ubuntu and extending the power of the Smart Phone to multiple devices in a true pairing of the PC+ World.  NexCrea claims that their concept device can pair with a Tablet and extend the touch screen capabilities of the phone to a 7 or 10 inch work space, it will also allow docking to a Monitor or to a custom Laptop and allow full Desktop access to the underlying Ubuntu for Android!

Having used the Webtop features of my Motorola Phone and not being overly impressed by the capabilities of the Motorola OS that sits along side Android, I truly hope that Google and Motorola see what the potential is of pairing with the Canonical and get to market first before Windows 8 has a chance to gain a foot hold with its strange concept of PC+ (basically forcing users on desktops and laptops to become tablet users).

For those of you that do have your multicore Android Phone Rooted, and said phone has a video out port (likely HDMI) and you would like to experiment with Ubuntu for Android – then head over to DigiSecrets they have a solid walk through on how to extend your Smart Phone further!

As for me…it will take some convincing but maybe I will be able to sweet talk my darling wife into letting me experiment with a rooted phone again…or I just don’t tell her and pray I don’t mess things up like I did with two Samsung Galaxy SII’s in the last year…hmm I am torn.


Chris J Powell

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