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Father’s Day – this Post is for you Mousie!

For my international followers, today is a day that is celebrated by our kids for us as Dad’s.  I have had many jobs in my life but none have been as rewarding as seeing my daughter grow up before my eyes.  From the days when I could hold her in one arm and rock her to sleep to today when she proudly stands beside me and says “Daddy, I’m up to your shoulder now!”  I love you Mouse.

From the day she was born I knew that she would make me one proud Daddy and in the 11 years since I have not been disappointed.  She has her head on straight, knows what she wants from life and is a true Geek 2.0!  Having grown up in a middle class family with 4 younger brothers it is a bit of a change dealing with a Girl but in all honesty I would not change a thing about her.  Everything I do, I do for her!

This summer she will be starting on her next “adventure” in life playing for the Westminster Wolverines (a Pewee Football Team) and I am sure will knock a few heads while doing it.  Her focus on today has been an inspiration but she also looks at her long term goals and everything she does has to make her happy today but be sustainable as well.

Well the breakfast bell is ringing so I must be off, I look forward to an exciting week.


Chris J Powell

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